QUT Laboratory, 1:20 am.
Hi Diary,

It was a long day…followed by a dinner party I attended. Unlike the culture back in Bangladesh, Aussie culture is quite different. You wouldn’t believe here if someone invite you there have not guarantee that the host will serve you food to eat. You may have to get your own food by your own costs…! This is mostly happen when you are invited in any restaurant.

Think, you are going to celebrate someone’s occasion responding his invitation but you have to get your meal by your own cost. S/he is not going to feed or pay your bill…How Strange..!

Yep, but today I had an invitation from a Bangladeshi guyz. So, what the Bangladeshi people do here is just amalgamate the culture of Bangladesh and the culture of Aussie. Means a portion is supplied by the host and the other portion are asked to bring by some other invitee…! How..terrifically those people are mixing culture. Ha Ha aa
However, the meal was delicious and they were more than a dozen in items..! I can’t but help myself inconsciously.  🙁

By the way,
I have lot of things to do regarding my research. I have to on it soon. I have also something to tell you, will be when my mood and time will make a square.
Till then. Good Night.

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