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1:10 AM

There have a old saying, You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. Dear Diary, While I was preparing myself… Continue reading

27th April, 2016 Gardens Point

5:23 PM

Dear Diary, There are so many interrelated meanings of this word, Delusion. But I would like to pick up the distant but… Continue reading

King Gorge Street Gardens Point, Brisbane.

4:46 PM

Dear Diary, Sometimes I love to be nostalgic, and recalling the past and left events are a good source to be nostalgic.… Continue reading

Rochester Tce Brisbane

10:00 PM

Dear Dairy,

How, in what way and to what extent I am different from others? Do you know the answer of the question? 🙂

I… Continue reading

Gardens Point Brisbane

5:20 PM

Dear Diary, I am in two minds regarding an issue. But I know I have to narrow it down right now, since this is the… Continue reading

Gardens Point Brisbane

4:04 PM

Hi Diary, Tuesday is the most busies day of my week. I had 3 workshops to attend at 3 different times and a Group Meeting.… Continue reading

Sunday, 11th April 2016 10:20 PM

Dear Diary, Weekend just started, pressure, pressure and pressure. I am having with lot of pressures. Research is something wants devotion. If you switch… Continue reading

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