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Queens street, Brisbane 8:35pm

Dear diary, This is one of the contrasting abroad moment of my life here in brisbane. I am sitting on a bench just in the middle… Continue reading

S1018-6, GP, QUT 05:46

Hi Diary, One of the most critical individual creations of this earth is human brain. Because, it is the attic of every senses, necessities and the… Continue reading

QUT Laboratory, 1:20 am. Hi Diary,

It was a long day…followed by a dinner party I attended. Unlike the culture back in Bangladesh, Aussie culture is quite different. You wouldn’t… Continue reading

Hi Diary, Do you know how those veins of my bloody head are aching thinking some memories…! You never know. But thereafter I do it, I do to find the… Continue reading

11:26 am Rochester Terrace, Brisbane.

Hi Diary, I had a very lazy day today. For the first time I didn’t go to office here at AUS. It was a very… Continue reading

Dear Diary, I am approaching to write here as like I used to write in my daily diary. That’s interesting. I thought I would not able to write as this… Continue reading

Memories, Oh..memories…My memories are blending my brain, how to bear, how…! I really can’t bear. I need my time to rewind, I wanna go back.

“When I was young my… Continue reading

January 2015