Hi Diary,
I have had a very wonderful day today. Though I wake up late with very creepy feelings but yeah I have to say It was a good day.
While coming back from swimming I have found that Bashar Bhai is going to purchase a car. He offered me to join and eventual I accompanied him. We arrived at our destination but the car couldn’t meet his demand. We found that we are very nearer to the GOLD COAST. As our aim was not filled we decided to visit gold coast for a while. Yeah, it is my fist visit at the heart of the gold coast. The other day I visited Coolangatta, another beach of Gold Coast.
I was thrilled to see the beach at Gold coast named Surf Paradise. Most remarkably, the coast hotels and tourist decoration. Awesome.
Yeah, we all watched the decoration much than the beach I guess. 😀
Why not, colorful people are here and there, Here are some snaps and video.
This is the video of a girls who is earning by singing songs. This part is very usual in this country and one of the attractive part of mine. Yeah, they usually earn a lot.

This is the snap of the Aboriginal OZ’s music, it’s sounds creepy like he used to look. :/

And lastly the sound of Ocean Wave. Just love it.

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