Queens street, Brisbane

Dear diary,
This is one of the contrasting abroad moment of my life here in brisbane. I am sitting on a bench just in the middle of Queens street mall, the heart of brisbane. Every friday at that time I use to visit this place to see people, to see the diversity. Actually, every friday people gather here to celebrate the weekend. I came to see them.
Not only me, some other people also may be come with inline intention. As like the girl sitting in front of me. She might be an asian girl, sitting and observing surrounding her. I found she changed her SIM card of mobile phone to call someone may be someone to her country. I exactly donno, it is just a wild guess, as i found she is doing with attentiveness and care.
I just made a call to Maliyat and talked to her for a long while. She gets grown day by day :). I just love to hear her voice. So energetic and soo innocent.
The girl is just walking away randomly. I can see her lonely life in her every steps. Yeah.. I can recognize it as i suppose to. Who else can feel that more than me…! Life..huh. Yeah…I just love my lonelyness.

You know, this is the first time i am writing to you using my phone. Yeah, this is quite great and incredible because my other phone were not comfortable to enter me to the admin. Felling damn happy. 🙂

In my dinner i have taken kebab. Here the kebab sort of staffs are like the shorma of our country. So at the very first day I was weired a bit. I found Bangladeshi people are horrible everywhere! Yeah..Mostly are narrowed, sorry to say.
Just before the last weekend I was sitting at the same place and a bird just above on me on the tree shit on me. So, i am some sort of scared :(. I have choosen this place to sit because of its isolation and also the view is wide to see everything from here. But the place is not safe at all. 🙂

A student communicate me a while over net to share two pieces of information. I was little bit astonished to see her approach. She was never fluent with me back when i was in bd. She started, I hv 2 nws 2 share sir. Which 1 do u wt 2 listen first, good or bad one. 🙂
Interesting psychological process indeed.
Though her news were real good and real bad. She got a CNN offer to visit somecountries with handsome encouraging payment. And the othery one is another student’s father died today!
Bad conjugate …
Hey, i need to buy a drink.
Maybe will return back to write you. Wallllllaaaaaaaaa 🙂




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