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Dear Diary,

I had a classmate at my university level in the first year who dropped a year later intended for his ambitious result. His name is Ashraf, currently working as an Assistant Professor there in Jessor University of Science and Technology (JUST). He called me sometimes ago, to let me know about a good news. He has got a scholarship in USA, which cover his full expenditure (Full funding).
It is a very good news I’ve to say. Literally, he is a very industrious in nature. Apart from his hard working quality he is brilliant and target oriented. Although we are academically separated from the first year but he used to come regularly to get advice from me. He used to come to my room at hall, sharing his views, his difficulties and others. So far I can remember, I never went to his room or asking anything to keep rhythm with this relationship, but for his own shake he used to come, came for necessary sharing, or guidance whatever..! (There had another classmate, as same as him, named Ashraful as well, used to came to me. But I don’t liked him much. That’s one is also living somewhere in abroad now.)
There are certain things important to mention about Ashraf. As I said he was target oriented, to fulfill his target he dropped himself from first year. And eventually he secured a good result (merit 2nd position) in the following year..! Once he told me a story, it is about very personal to him, about a girl he liked. And also explained to me the barrier to get his dream. I remember, he praised about the girl saying 2 points but very interesting points. 🙂  If i mention it, would be sounds interesting but it was the true. He said, 1. the girl is the cutest girl in that territory and 2. they are top 1 richest in that district. 🙄
He has obtained his target finally 😀 I should congratulate him  😛

All I want to say, he is a good model to follow to stair up to the success..! 🙂  Someone’s may have doubt with my verdict because here somehow I represent him telling the story sounds crude, but, frankly he is one of the nice person I’ve ever meet. 😛
However, He is a subject I’ll looking forward to see. All the best.

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