8/2, Rochester Terrace
Kelvin Grove, QLD; 9:00 PM.

Dear Diary,
I am really so much astonished today to found myself. I was actually dropping into a hollow last couple of days after observing a nasty. But I discovered myself very refreshed today. Matter of fact that, today I went to office after a 14 days vacation. And I was completely engaged with my work helped me to switching my thinking and I forgot everything. 🙂 I am happy.
Yes, same thing happened around a year back. I was completely dropped into a gravy black hollow after observing another nasty thing. I was completely dropped to analyze, why such stupidity could happen? Why? I tried to find out the reasons, and I was discovering other nasty things that made me near to mad. At that time, the country was blocked by Strike. And I had to stay at home. I was completely engaged myself to discover the reasons. I was just digging into a manhole…I experience. It was quite unnecessary but thought me a lot.
ইয়েপ, এই বন্ধের শেষের দিকে same thing was started. I found something I predicted once. And I was really shocked. কিন্তু বিষয়টা হচ্ছে, আমি নিজেকে ব্যস্ত রাখলে এই সব পচা জিনিস থেকে কন্সেন্ট্রেশন সরে আসে। আহ্‌
পৃথিবীতে কত কি ঘটে, সবই আমার বিবেচনায় আনতে হবে কেনো। যেটা স্যুট করে না, Just have to show there my back. It should be.

No way,
I am doing something is interesting, will tell you some other day. 🙂
This video remind me something, and I am feeling pity for the poor boy. আহারে, দ্যা কিউট ইনোসেন্ট ওয়ান, and yeah the girls are always like this stupid, naughty. :/



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