Mr. Nazrul Islam Khan, The Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh.

There are so many things happening around us is calculative; but there are still some in-explainable. I have stormed my brain over two days to find out the mastermind behind the on going changes of the university system (!) in Bangladesh. I have done it by myself and eventually found it, but keep myself solitaire with those information to be shared, however today I have got this below..!





How It can be explained..!
Mysterious world indeed.

(Now all I found this is more than the word ‘Mysterious’, this is also a calculation…!!!….edited 1:15pm 15/09/2015.)

This man is such a Brilliant one, I have ever met. He learn things fast, and can make decisions even faster, is very unusual in his profession. He is such a smart man to be obeyed, to be respected utterly. He is very different in his profession.
Though…his current step is very much challenging, I believe, that he ever meet before.

However, I can understand a challenge is in forth of mine. How to handle…! Let’s forward…!

N.B. Today is 14th of September. Just a year back, at this time I  flied to Australia. It is a round of a complete year in Australia. Alhamdulillah.

11:42 pm, Rochester Tce, Brisbane.

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