Dear Diary,
I love to write to you, but I have found something interesting while writing here recently. I know, I have lot of things to let you apprise and some of them I don’t want to share with others, the public.
Once I thought I would keep writing everything to you here, that’s why my other diary, the hard copy I kept to my office unused. But I have bring back that diary last day. Yes, like me you are gonna split. Sorry for that. 🙂
Mentor, as you know I like to read others mind to analysis the diversity around me. I used it very carefully and got astonished every time. Mostly because of the hatred and heinous mentality when I faced. I found many of my surrounding people took it very easily and cautiously when faced abnormalities from people. But I can’t get used to, everytime not only I got astonished but also surprisingly felt pain. Poor I am…!

(music is coming from the next door, a very sad music. Most of the people likes sad one…! Is that like the dialog once shaken me- দুঃখ দুঃখ, সুখ…! Interesting indeed. 🙂 )

Anyway, I am passing very tight time. The other day someone told me that every people suppose to have three life, personal, professional and familiar..! Where I do have only one, Professional…! Very specific fingering.
I always to be a very ordinary guy. I wanted not to be astonished seeing the stupidity of my surrounding people rather want to behave like other peoples do. So, I must have to have every part of life people used to have.

By the way, have to go to the roof now. Today is a very singular day in cosmic view. Very rare and dangerous Meteor shower can be observed at night to the naked sky. Want not to miss it. It is a very singular but highly dependent on probability, may or may not be watched. Crossing my fingers, lets see. 🙂
12:22 am

Here is the news on the METEOR SHOWER:

FB তে মন্তব্য করতে এখানে লিখুন (ব্লগে করতে নিচে) :

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