1st May, 2016
Rochester Tce

It was a rainy day and also weekend. Over the couple of day I have been stuck at some points. Some dots, are not connected. I thought, I need sleep to help me, and I slept. Today, I slept till 5 o’clock in the evening. At morning, I opened my room window to hear the sound of rain, instantly help me to snoozed my sleep. Interestingly I have dreamed over the time. I said it interesting, because of the subjects of those dreams. It was not unusual that I dreamed about this matter as I am bothered by it, but it is unusually I saw someone in this dream..! And nonetheless to say that, it was a series of painful dream. Pathetic my mind.
So, I presume, Sleep does not worked. I need to retire.

Dear Diary,
There have a saying, Ideal mind is Devil’s workshop. I can’t help myself to stop thinking because it is the weekend. I need to engaged myself not to give my mind any chance to think about it. I need a diversion to concentrate my study, my holy grail.

I am again bounced back, What made me to think differently?Today I found, I don’t think differently, rather I don’t think like average people do. That made the differences.
I don’t demand that my way is superior than average people, because there are some success can easily be achieved by average people but not me. Hence, there is no point of announcing superiority. However, to some other points my observation is finest.
What made my observation finest?
Well, my be I am inherited, or it has been formed over the time!
স্পয়েলড না হওয়ার জন্য যতটুকু পিউরিটান থাকা উচিত তা আমার আছে। এটা হয়তো ফ্যামিলি থেকেই এসেছে!
Dignity, may be the root of it.

Elegance and sense of aristocracy can made people different and implicitly help them not to be spoiled.
I need to think this point more deeply.


be somebody

be somebody

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