1st May, 2016 Rochester Tce

It was a rainy day and also weekend. Over the couple of day I have been stuck at some points. Some dots, are not connected.… Continue reading

1:10 AM

There have a old saying, You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. Dear Diary, While I was preparing myself… Continue reading

King Gorge Street Gardens Point, Brisbane.

4:46 PM

Dear Diary, Sometimes I love to be nostalgic, and recalling the past and left events are a good source to be nostalgic.… Continue reading

Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

1:42 am

There are some nights come with mystery, agreeable affection and insomnia. Once I used to love those nights. I love to stay with you my… Continue reading

Thought Provoking…! All I found that, over the last year I was in-corporeally living in Bangladesh. :/

I need to live in present. No way.

However, it is a Good One.

If you want to enjoy, there are stuffs all around. But which one you will pick up will lead you towards your future! Undoubtedly, there are so many soothing things… Continue reading

Arash said, PhD is no longer your life and so does mine. Therefore, it is better to do some sports 🙂 This guy is very friendly, everyday he try to… Continue reading

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