56/j, Rose Heaven
Mirpur. (রাত ১২:৩০)

Dear Diary,
I had a very long day today. Went up very early in the morning, around half past four o’clock. Immediately headed toward Dhaka, as vacation has already began in Comilla University. I thought I will stay at campus over the vacation, but I’ve to disappointed. The authority has vacant the halls and hence there the necessities for living has been reduced drastically and I had to change my mind to headed back to Dhaka because living in dormitory itself become impossible.
However, this is the first time I’ve ever started journey towards Dhaka in this very early in the morning, expecting to reach at home early before the jam break out. But I’ve experience the worst jam i’ve ever met in my life there at Jatrabari. Terrific. Fortunately, along with me, two of my colleagues were accompanied at that time. But nevertheless, it was a worst journey. 🙁
Today I’ve got another news very much irritating. It is about a crisis that is coming forth to us. A report that has been published in a daily newspaper snitched my attention and also provoked me severely. If the news states true, then, alas..! I can’t help but have to speechless. 😐
This is the link, that i’m going to keep as a document. 😡
I know, politics have a role to play here, but the information is really a matter of concern.

আসলে সাদা চোখে সব কিছু দেখা যায় না, বুদ্ধিমান হলেও সবকিছু বোঝা যায় না। (SIGH) 😕

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