Dear Diary,
Time runs like sprint. My days begun with hurry, ends also in same mood. I found life is meaningful in work. Thanks Provu.
It is mid night here, I have had a drive for a while near to the Herston. I have got very fond of driving nowadays. But I can’t make time. Time is very calculative nowadays.


However, something happened interesting which I can’t write now. I kept that in my observation. I don’t feel to go back to CoU anymore. That place has no future. All I felt that, I have learn something valuable, would not scope to utilize. It was a waste, It is indeed. Waste of time in my life.
My last day at my department was a terrible lesson. There was something I couldn’t control, as I didn’t want to cause, I have had faith…!

This clip is from a student of mine. I have noticed about this from a student then found something happens there at CoU. I talked to some of the attendant there and heard about this. Then I have got some internet evidence of it, and this is one of them.
She was one of the sensible student of the department. She had remarkable talent, in fact she had her schooling from Dhaka Holly Cross School and College, gave her a competitive environment to be grown up. All I can reckon that if she hadn’t got admitted at CoU, her life was more colorful and a certainly would have a bright future. But Alas…! 6-7 years at CoU will torched her to a pale personality. Not only her, but a good number of students will get degraded from they were. Nowadays, poor students are getting admitted is also noticeable.

By the way, I have no chance to help them, and it is a matter of fact that I don’t want to!



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