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Dear Diary,
May be one the most important virtues of being successful socially is attitude. How you are calculating and representing yourself is the key to get success. However, today I talked 3 persons are very much concern in my thought process. One of them is my friend, the other one is senior friend and rest one is my Teacher. Actually, all those three somehow has some influence on me, I must confess. I like them most compare to any others.
However, we are up to a project. Actually, three of us are involved in this projects and two of us are the brain. We are going to develop a unique platform of all the university teachers of Bangladesh. This would be such a big project undoubtedly. Already we have done some preliminary works, and thinking to ahead. I know it would take times but I also got interest to build such a platform is necessary not only for our profession but also for the country. If somehow we can accommodate most of the university teachers here, then we could contribute to change the process of our country is obvious.


Attitude, as I was saying, is the most important part in this project, is worth to be noted

By the way, this is a funny video to watch, is also a good example of attitude to use…! The point is, if the time teller didn’t tell the secrete, this could be a eventful phenomenon. But after telling the secrete it is quite explainable..! 😀

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