QUT lab, Kelvin Grove.
11:24 PM

Hi Diary,
Interesting thing happened, My bag is theft today. Yeah, I kept it at the front of woolworth and entered to buy goods, I found it’s gone after coming back. It is interesting that I used to praise the Aussie security and ethics as  nothing usually stolen or theft here. But It happened today, and it is also my first experiences ever, back in my Bangladesh I even didn’t confront such stupid occurrence.


12:31 am
From the CC TV it can be seen that a Lady with red hat took this. She was sitting outside bench and as I keep the bag and entered, she solitairily came and took the bag. The woolworth people wanted to call police but as there wasn’t much worthy things I inhibit them to do so. It was happened just after my swimming, so I lost all of my swimming costumes and some hair and body care shampoo and shops.
Not much worth, may be all of 120 dollar things, but my bag was a good one…! However, all of those things are used. So, she will be disappointed.

Not more today.
Good Night.

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