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5:20 PM

Dear Diary,
I am in two minds regarding an issue. But I know I have to narrow it down right now, since this is the high time to make the decision.

I am already late, too late in some points of my life. To some points, I am a late boomer is obvious, but this time it seems excessively late.
8:00 PM
I can not concentrate on my work nowadays. I am coordinating a group of 4500 university teachers of Bangladesh at FB. Me and a elder brother of mine have created and run it. In order to moderate the post I had to enter frequently. As a network, this is only and the biggest accumulation of only the university teachers of Bangladesh. I said it a Mirror.
So, I sometimes had to enter to the Facebook and had to see all of those posts.
I feel very excited and agitated.

How the government can behave such with us..!

It is in Bangladesh where the servant’s are in power. The public servant are now master of public. Gosh…! No respect to the performance, merit. It is a Seleucus indeed. Our Engineers Doctors are corrupted, but as the process they were the top performer once. The state don’t give recognition of them hence they are deviated. As a consequence they work to earn just money…!
In the same way they are pushing university teachers. This people are already deviated now it would be worsen.

But, well… In a second thought, If I don’t get back to Bangladesh, why I would care to them? I made this group is okay, propelled them, organized them is okay. But, it is ruining my very precise time. I can not see any future unless something BOOM happen.

I should quit. But the group is amazing. Here everybody got participated over the last 6 months. The veteran professors of different universities, The UGC Chairman, the VC’s of different universities. If I quit, I know the group activities will be dimmed. But it is ruining my concentration very much.

And I know, I have to leave anyway.

FB তে মন্তব্য করতে এখানে লিখুন (ব্লগে করতে নিচে) :

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