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4:04 PM

Hi Diary,
Tuesday is the most busies day of my week. I had 3 workshops to attend at 3 different times and a Group Meeting. That’s drained me out. Right now I am sitting on my desk and waiting for another workshop that gonna start at 6 pm.
Anyway, I didn’t bring my Diary that means the real diary 😛 , hence writing on you. Ha Ha.. means you are not real. LOL

Yep, All I found that I have so many things to say to you, but well, not you here in very public mood. 😉

By the way,
I met couple of students at my class are very good. They mesmerized me by their intellect though they are not exposing in nature, that means they are too very gentle. I found most of the Aussie is truly modest compared to some international students specially who are from indian sub continent. We people have very stupid environment teaches us stupid things to some what.
The other day I had a workshop on Academic Development. It was a three hours long workshop. Unlike any other workshop this one was very interactive. We had to do so many interaction with peers, something like group work.
At a stage, the facilitator had a question to us.
What is the most important thing motivated yourself in your graduation period to make you successful?
We had more that 30 attendants from  at least 20 countries. I was wondering to see that most of the attendant responding by saying that the group discussion helped and keep them motivated. When they have anything in their mind, they shared and solved together. When the question comes as my turn, I replied, the competition with class mate. Yes, I told that I was in a race among others to get the top position always keep me motivated. It was the very unlike but true as the same time for me, I guess not only for me but most of our university environment are to some extent same. We had to march in a race.
However, first the facilitator get astonished but he then found some different idea (!) to be cheered.

Jealousy, we do practice in our society and very formally in University. So instead of group activities, we create rival. I have very bitter experiences from my university. A stupid Barishailla made my university life hell at the department. I wouldn’t forget it.

It is no point to say that, the bygones are bygone.


I wish there are something/someone ever can do something like this stated in this song for me in my life…! Alas…!




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