Dear Diary,
Today, I have chaired the first meeting of the academic committee of the department ICT in my tenure. So, it was so damn busy day which undoubtedly was the indication of the rush time forth in my life. It was a pretty long meeting and had Eight agendas where some of them was unsolved and has been forwarded to the next meeting. Our department is suffering from unfriendly dealings of some peer groups and I am anxious about the department.

However, I worked at the department till 8 o’clock in the evening. I felt logistic supports badly but we do have great scarcities of it. Poor indeed..!

Today, along with my departmental meeting I also attended another central meeting and also meet some of the visitors. After a long vacation students came today, and a group of students greets me with a bouquet of flowers. I enjoyed their hilarious presence.

However, a student of us name, Nuruzzaman Nayan has been imprisoned around two weeks. This is too regretable news for the family, ICT. We did not know about his arrest and that’s why could not able to took any steps. But now he is in jail and under the formalities of Jurisdiction. I have decided to write a recommendation letter in favor of him so that during the hearing Judge can evaluate him and his innocence.


By the way, while I was talking, discussing in the meeting suddenly I found my honorable colleagues are started their snakes and as I was conducting I could not get to make the opportunity but was barely watching. At the end of meeting I found, this is also the end of everything but only a piece of sweets..:(.
Hmm..they have made the best of the chances..! Voracious indeed. 😀

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