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12:35 am
Hi Diary,

You know what…! Success writes history, not only that this is also something helps to get out of anything you desire. And success is the secrete of happiness. 🙂 Today I am happy, yep. I am happy to let you know 3 interesting achievements of mine.
First of all, today I have got my Report feedback, my first report at QUT that I prepared over a 3 months work. And the board didn’t get anything to correct, not a single word in my write up. 🙂 Yeah, on that write up, the other day, my supervisor also praised on. Following on, it was reviewed by an expert body, they used to suggest and at least gives some minor corrections are usual. I have found every others to get some comments to be corrected. But, my result is simply without any error…APPROVED! That is coolness. Yep, this is called coolnessssssssssssssssssssssssss, man 😀
Though I am getting pressure, you know :/
The other one is, may be I am going to take some class in the coming semester. Yeah….:D, A bunch of students from different countries really would be different. I have experiences of 7 years teaching but hearing this I felt thrilled. wow.. Just have to be patient. 😉
And the third one also pretty awesome. 🙂 I have reduced atleast 5.5 pounds more importantly developed my slim look :D, yeah…I did hard work for that. I have maintained balance diet over 3 months and sometimes starvation, and it is possible here being a student. More importantly I used to swim 5 days in a week. Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
As remark I am going to keep a snap (today’s) of mine for future comparison. That is a day should be remembered.

So yep, life is like a piano, what you are going to play is up to you and your performance. (Y)


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