11:47 pm
Hi Diary,

It was an eventful and pompous day indeed. Just after wake up went to the field to see the practice match of Bangladesh. Then came home, and had a long nap. Then finished a movie named Frankenstein, sitting to write to you.

You know what, while I was in field I found every peers of mine are taking selfie with Bangladeshi player, but something restrain me to take snaps like them. I donno, but I really felt embarrassing to ask them have a snap with me…! But everyone else did it :/
Although, I though to take a snap with Shakib, whom I really like very much but, you know without any proper introduce it was kinda funny in my calculation and kinda childish like work undoubtedly. Thing is that, I went to enjoy the match and they are just part of the match. Yeah, that’s the calculation should be..! Or…am I wrong..!
May be I am wrong. But I couldn’t help myself to tell them to have a picture with me by any how…!
Though after coming at home and seeing others picture with player on Facebook, i felt that I missed something…:D ha ha But I know, I would never help myself to ask any kinda things except a proper introduction. Yeah.. this is a sign that I have grown older. :/ :'( I lost the briskness of a youth compromising with calculation.

Life in Australia teaching me a lot but also made me very alone. I want to consider and utilize this as ‘solitary’ to think deeply around me, but what I am feeling that I am not that capable to explain my surrounding and more importantly I cant over look things. I want to see my surrounding deeply by over looking. But, I didn’t learn it is pity.


I need to calm down my nerves that are very much agitated. I really donno how to do it. But I have to figure out. I need have to fight to prove me that I was real, and I am. If I can do that, then I will be towards my destination aligned to the destination of Human, Human race.

Good Night.

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