Sunday, 11th April 2016
10:20 PM

Dear Diary,
Weekend just started, pressure, pressure and pressure. I am having with lot of pressures. Research is something wants devotion. If you switch your attention to anything, you will lost your track. As I have started kinda teaching called Project Coordinating took my concentration badly. It is lot of responsibility, and oh..the tutoring. That’s another burden.  🙁
If I don’t prefer to see my future in teaching, this is just merely earning money. This experiences wouldn’t be any use. But, it would be very exclusive otherwise. This intensive teaching experiences would be a strong wing of mine. But alas…! I have no interest to go back this profession. F**K up!
Specially, in F**king Bangladeshi Teaching. What the hell the govt. has done with it. Oh.


Anyway, I am not bother of it now. I am looking forward. A colleague of mine here, from an Engineering university left his job there at BD and started working as a Pizza Boy. Thereafter, he don’t want to return this undermined profession. Holy crap.
It wouldn’t be so easy to get a faculty position in Australia as I do have lackings in my courses from undergraduate. However, If I have done very good in my research, it might able to create a little hole to enter..! But doing extraordinary is also very challenging as I am not motivated. It is difficult to get motivated.

I promised not to enter FB, but, ……well, I want to disconnect from Bangladesh.

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