20/08/01 M.A. (Migration to Australia)
04/06/15 A.D.

Dear Diary,
I have lot of things to do. But you know, things are not working well here. I know how can I turn things well, but no way.. not possible now, and may be in that way not any more…!

here is a video made me obsessed:

I wounder to see such a cute video made by the little kidoo’s father. All of their presentation is so damn attractive.

(Apart from the subject, I liked the way the participated into the discussion. I also like the way, his father is conducting the session.)

After watching this video, a couple of days ago, I can’t forget it but dropped into deep thinking. And interestingly I am thinking somehow I never thought before. I always wish love twin, but this this is very awkward that I felt that so deeply…!
This man is very fortunate and he is successful to use his children. They are so adorable, so fresh and talented. This guy have awkward beard but his moral is very tight I must say.
I found very few like them as in a good rhythm. Good father and his daughters.

YES, A FAMILY. FAMILY is the best place where root of understanding, moral and color of life painted.

Anyway, Almighty bless them.

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